Manta referral code


How to use the referral code?

  • copy and paste the following code on the manta network crowdloan page :
  • 08bfde551fc2c3ce471e4ce2d888a676b7a96310ca9f6e7da9e84357c5b68123

How to maximize your rewards and bonus from your Manta Network crowdloan on Polkadot?

5% Early Bonus

still valid currently ! contribute early to be sure to get it

2.5% Referral Bonus

get this bonus by using a referral code for your contribution:


Direct link to the crowdloan with Referral code:

more informations about the referral bonus

Bonus NFT

Manta contributors who use a decentralized contribution channel (e.g., Polkadot JS) will get a special NFT commemorating their support for Manta’s first parachain auction.

more informations about the NFT

MantaPay Liquidity event

3% of the token supply (30,000,001 MANTA) will be distributed to contributors of Manta crowdloan who complete deposit milestones on the MantaPay. To claim the rewarded MANTA, contributors will need to deposit eligible crypto assets on MantaPay once MantaPay launches. The purpose of this event is to incentivize early crowdloan contributors to experience and enjoy MantaPay’s on-chain privacy payment.

more information about the liquidity event

Get a share of 20% of All Calamari (KMA) Tokens

20% of the total token supply for Calamari (Manta project on Kusama) have been reserved for Manta crowdloan supporters. You will get a share of 20% of $KMA tokens.

what is the referral code bonus?
Referral code08bfde551fc2c3ce471e4ce2d888a676b7a96310ca9f6e7da9e84357c5b68123
Referral bonus+2.5% on your rewards in MANTA token
Crowdloan availabilitydecember 2021
Token distribution Q1 2022